1C Remastering Space Rangers In HD

Publisher 1C Company, known for their Men of War franchise, have announced their project Space Rangers HD: A War Apart. This remastering will include Space Rangers 2: Rise of the Dominators and Space Rangers 2: Reboot. It will exclusively allow a new storyline from the pirate side.

The game is said to be a unique mix of RPG, strategy and adventure where players take on the galaxy in order to conquer their enemies, trade goods, take on quests and more. Obviously, the game will get a graphical overhaul from its 2004 release. More so, it will add all-new text adventures, side quests, planetary battles and more.

Space Rangers HD

Space Rangers plays much like any sandbox space title where anything goes. Players choose a play style and can either abide laws, avoid battles and use diplomacy or take the more adventurous route of battle and looting. The game adds a unique dialogue system between ships that players can also upgrade and customize to their liking, so no ship is ever the same.

1C has announced the game for late this year. It’s being made by SNK-Games, which isn’t to be confused with SNK Playmore from the Neo Geo games.

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