3DS Update Lets You Buy New Mii Games

Nintnedo 3Ds Mii Plaza update

A system update for the Nintendo 3DS adds more possibilities for Miis and other handheld functions. Most importantly, the Mii Plaza will receive 2 new things.

For one, gamers can now adjust their Mii facial expressions when they encounter another 3DS owner through StreetPass. Secondly and more important, the system update adds the possibility to purchase 4 new titles for StreetPass functionality. A side-scrolling shooter called StreetPass Squad lets you blast enemies with the help of Mii encounters. Plants can be grown and crossed with visitor flowers in StreetPass Garden. Fierce battles can be done with troops in StreetPass Battle. Finally, StreetPass Mansion lets you set up your own little house and expand it by meeting others. Each mini-game separately costs €4.99, though upon the first purchase, players can opt for a one-time deal of €14.99 for all 4 games combined.

Moreover, players will now be able to back up save data on their 3DS from most of their games. This can be done in the Home menu.

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