4 More Steam Games Bundled For Just $1

Outlaws Bundle

One more deal for today, as Bundle Stars launches another crazy deal with 4 Steam releases for just a buck. For just €0.91, you can buy the games shown below:

  • Post Apocalyptic Mayhem
  • Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood
  • Pacific Storm
  • RIP Trilogy

As expected, the first one is a rather hectic title, set in a Mad Max universe. In Post Apocalyptic Mayhem, player race against others in a vehicular combat system. It features cars and explosions, just how you like it. Things are a little less hectic in the strategy title where players control Robin Hood and his Merry Men and lay waste to the evil armies of Prince John. Sneak, set traps, ambush and overcome the dreadful nights with your cunning. More intricate strategy can be had with Pacific Storm and its extensive, informative menus that allow you to customize to your liking, before jumping into battle yourself. There’s a decent mx of strategy and simulation in this one. Finally, RIP Trilogy is for fans that can’t get enough of top-down shooters. There are event some vehicles in this one, if you’ve ever wanted to see a tank from the top.

Buy this deal called the Outlaws Bundle here.

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