4 out of 7 Indie Royale Games Are A Great Deal At €4.20 Already

Lunar Bundle

Indie Royale is back with another promotion and alters its concept a little in this Lunar Bundle. Instead of handing out everything upfront, this package now contains 7 titles, with only 4 game revealed now. We’ll publish these titles below:

  • Pid
  • Cargo Commander
  • Back to the Future
  • Dungeon Hearts

So far, all games are redeemable through Steam. It’s quite honestly already one of the better bundles out there, as all titles are fairly enjoyable. Platform fans can take on an adventure mixed with puzzles in Pid. More random players can rejoice at Cargo Commander’s dungeon crawling in space. This would also be our prime choice to pick up the bundle. Developer Telltale Games shows what it does best in the point and click adventure series Back to the Future. Finally, Dungeon Hearts is a recent release that mixes match-3 games with classic RPG backgrounds. It’s a little like the hybrid Theatrhythm.

Right now, this deal hovers around €4.20. Don’t forget that there will be 3 more games to come later, so opting in might get you these titles cheaper. You can purchase the Lunar Bundle here.

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