A Clip To Show Metro: Last Light Is Still Alive

Metro: Last Light

After some shaky times with THQ, Metro: Last Light is alive and well. We can expect it to arrive on May 17, 2013 for PC and those platforms that are not a PC. Now, Deep Silver is the one that holds the title in its clutches, after acquiring the rights for the game as well as Saints Row and such. To celebrate the revival, a new trailer has been released.

YouTube Preview Image

Though the release says it’s a gameplay trailer, there is very little actual gameplay inside. Perhaps in-game would’ve been more appropriate. Still, the clip takes a trip to the dark side with a grimy story and even grittier imagery. We get to witness several atrocities of war, such as executions, with even some fascist symbolism thrown around here and there. As men prepare for war, the dark voice tells us that history is doomed to repeat itself. With a shot of more executions and sordid experiments, we’d be inclined to believe that.

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