Akaneiro: Demon Hunters Will Switch Free-to-Play To Paid Model

Akaneiro - Demon Hunters

It seems that free-to-play RPG Akaneiro: Demon Hunters is switching its stance on the current model. In their forums, Spicy Horse admins announced that they are currently working out the details, which they’ll announce next week.

The responses from admin “fink” (viewable here) note that they’ll opt for a regular purchase plan and not a subscription model, as Akaneiro is not an MMO. However, in-game purchases may be available and “it won’t be something that disrupts or restricts regular play.” Plans for paid downloadable content are there, which will ideally expand options, such as more areas and abilities, as well as higher level caps. Finally, the admin states that prices will stay low, even under prices of titles like Diablo and Torchlight. The latter sells its second iteration for $19.

In the meantime, developer Spicy Horse still accepts donation, which will weigh in on their decision on how to price the roleplaying title. Preorder announcements will follow in a few weeks. Those that donate enough to at least match a preorder price will receive early access, while regular donations still grant exclusive items. However, the donation page suggests that the latter group may need “further payment” to access the release build.

We recently had an interview with Ben Kerslake of Spicy Horse about their game, in which we asked about their free-to-play model, to which the Creative Director stated:

“The [free-to-play model] was based on the studio moving away from working with a publisher, and trying to remain independent and financially viable. It’s a tough balancing act. If we want to keep the studio running, and continue to support games after release – there must be revenue. On the other hand, you don’t want that need to outweigh the value of design integrity. In fact, the studio has already released two free to play titles – Bighead BASH and Crazy Fairies. Both those games monetize certain items, and are working daily with their communities to keep things fair and avoid manipulative mechanics.”

You can read more information about Akaneiro: Demon Hunters in the full interview.

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