Akaneiro Folks Announce Hell Invaders Card Fighter

Hell Invaders

Developer Spicy Horse has announced a new game called Hell Invaders. It will release this fall for PC and tablets.

This game will mix trading card games with real-time strategy aspects. Players unleash creatures from cards, which then form physically on a battlefield. Cards can also be upgraded and skills can be swapped, which should offer a variety in cards that would otherwise stay the same and become predictable. Hell Invaders will have a singleplayer campaign and a player versus player arena. Trading, card management and social features will be included in the game as well. The game reminds us of Magic: The Gathering Battlemage, where creatures would form as well, as mages from both sides of the field would flick spells at each other.

Magic The Gathering Battlemage

You may remember Spicy horse from games like Crazy Fairies or more recently from Akaneiro: Demon Hunters. This free-to-play action RPG mixed oriental themes with traditional gameplay, reminiscent of Diablo, mixed with Okami. We did a few interviews with them about the game, if you care to read about it. You can also find Akaneiro among the free games on Steam, as it was approved through its Greenlight system. It also completed a Kickstarter campaign successfully.

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