Aliens Goes Multiplayer In This Trailer

Aliens: Colonial Marines

Sega wants you to know about its multiplayer classes in Aliens: Colonial Marines. This shooter from Borderlands creator Gearbox Software received a new trailer where we can see the different traits of each type of character.

YouTube Preview Image

Aliens will have several kinds of xenomorphs, such as one that can crawl on different surfaces, hang upside down and such. Another critter can emit a confusing smoke screen that will make it harder for the opponents to aim. A more direct approach is possible with a kamikaze alien that can self-destruct for a large area of damage.

In turn, marines have abilities such as the power to revive teammates. Apparently, the shotgun also deserves a special mention, along with a flamethrower class. More importantly, marines can wield a Smart Gun that tracks enemies and emits an electrical pulse. This will help them against the final alien reveals of an acid-spitting creature and a behemoth. The latter class called a Crusher will be a giant bulletproof animal that charges through groups.

Aliens: Colonial Marines will land on Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Wii U on February 12, 2013.

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