Anno 2070 Complete Edition Is Complete

Anno 2070 Complete Edition

Ubisoft is packing together content for Anno 2070 in a bundle called the Anno 2070 Complete Edition. This deal will contain all previously released content, as well as some additional goodies.

According to Ubisoft, Anno is one of its strongest franchises and it has sold more than 5 million to date. There is a ton of playable download content, so we’ll list this below:

  • The Development Package
  • The Guardian Package
  • Eden Line Package
  • Central Statistical Package
  • Crisis Response Package
  • Distrust Series Package
  • Silent Running Package
  • Ornamenals Nordamark
  • Paket E.V.E
  • World Event: “Free Eden”
  • World Event: “The Nordamark Conflict”
  • World Event: “Global Distrust”

Included in all this DLC, you’ll find new buildings, skins for these constructions, new units, a few new missions and even an additional mini-campaign. Players will also have access to the Deep Ocean extension, which adds the Techs faction and Genius citizen, who can develop under water.  Additionally, the Complete Edition comes with the Anno 2070 soundtrack and a tech tree poster.

Anno 2070 Complete Edition is available now in Ubisoft’s online stores as well as retail stores. It’s produced by Blue Byte, who are also responsible for the free-to-play MMO The Settlers Online.

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