Art And Date For Pokémon Makers New 3DS Rhythm Game


Creators of the Pokémon franchise, Game Freak, have announced a new game coming exclusively to Nintendo 3DS this month. Rhythm game HarmoKnight will arrive to European audiences on March 28, 2013, with a free demo launching on Nintendo eShop a week before that date.

In HarmoKnight, players travel the musical lands of Melodia with protagonist Tempo. This person fights to free the land from the evil Noizoids leader Gargan, who has also captures Ariana, the princess of Symphony City. That’s reason enough to drive this plot along a platform game that follows a rhythm foundation, like a mix between Rayman Origins and Final Fantasy: Theatrhyhm. A bunch of concept art and screenshots should help you get in the mood. We’ll post these below.

Some of these shots show a more traditional cartoon style. It also has a fragrance of old Dragon Quest games to it. In short: Nostalgia aplenty in this cheerful title.

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