Aspiring Devs: Unity iOS And Android Free Until April 8

Unity Game EngineGood news for aspiring developers amongst us. Programming software Unity is currently holding an amazing action that gives away their Android and iOS version for free. Until April 8, 2012 you can download their free version and get the Android and iOS features as a bonus. After $0 purchase, you’ll receive an activation code for the program.

Unity Game Engine

The engine has been used in games like Rochard, Escape Plan, Battlestar Galactica Online and Marvel Super Hero Squad Online, as well as a ton of other titles. If you’ve ever had budding plans to start working on a small game, this is a great opportunity to get some tools right now to broaden your perspective. For those afraid of the learning curve, Unity provides a ton of documentation and tutorials on how to get started. Start off small and work from there. We wish everyone the best of luck and hope some of our readers will come up with an awesome game for us all to enjoy.

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