Bang Bang Racing Has Obstacles And Multiplayer

After releasing the high-octane racing game Skydrift last year, Digital Reality is preparing another title called Bang Bang Racing for this year. This arcade title is a little more vintage, in the vein of R.C. Pro-Am. Players will take cars from a top-down view and race them around a hectic track.

Bang Bang Racing

The newest trailer takes a look at both the crud on the track, as well as the multiplayer options. While also detailing the 2 camera modes, Follow and Fixed, the video displays debris like cones and water barrels. It also looks at some more explosive aspects and slippery surfaces and features a boost mechanic. Lastly, it briefly shows the multiplayer split screen that will allow up to 4 players to weave through a track.

YouTube Preview Image

Bang Bang Racing will release on the digital networks for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, as well as a PC version. The game will hold 20 unique vehicles, 8 different skins and 4 different car types to choose from. It should be right up the alley for fans of classics like Super Off Road and other NES era racing games.

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