Battlefield 3 Has Sold Over 10 Million Copies

The Battlefield series has been setting some pretty remarkable records recently. The latest release in the series, Battlefield 3, is now one of the most popular multi-platform shootersof all time, with an amazing twelve million copies shipped to date. Over ten million of those copies have been sold, and it’s quite likely that millions more will fly of shelves over the next few months.

These numbers match up with the VGChartz figures that also put Battlefield 3 sales at around 10 million.  Meanwhile, VGChartz lists Modern Warfare 3 sales at 25 million worldwide (with 13 million on the Xbox 360 alone).  Activision has not commented on the actual number as recorded by them.

While the popularity of games like Battlefield 3 and the recent Call of Duty releases has been great for shooter enthusiasts, other gamers are worried it could set a tight focus within the industry on just one type of game. New games like Mass Effect 3 are being tailored to incorporate shooter gameplay more than before, all in an effort to capitalize on the popularity of online multiplayer shooters.

Is it the death of other genres? Of course not. But it is a step towards shooter-style gameplay in a lot of genres that just don’t need it. While the third-person shooter gameplay of Mass Effect has always been part of the series, we don’t want to see it take over from the game’s other strengths. The recent Resident Evil 6 trailer also gave us this feeling – the game really looks like a pure shooter.

Still, it’s hard to argue with success. Whether you’re a Battlefield 3 lover or hater, the game has hit a peak that few other shooters will ever reach. Load up your weapons, step online, and get into battle with over ten million other gamers for an unforgettable experience.


  1. conce February 2, 2012

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    Yeah but next time that might change for ps3 users, after taking priority with xbox, hello yeah that count won’t be the same, I just waist money to get hardened and I get all maps fucking late?!…peace of crap. Then from there I decided to try out BF3, not bad at all its better than call of duty. And about cheaters, there’s always cheaters no matter what. Thanks infinity Wards for having us ps3 users with less priority. I was actually becoming another fan but I guess not.

  2. eman April 9, 2012

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    Ps3 blows Xbox ftw

    • Zonic April 20, 2012

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      and thats why i hate your guts

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