Battlefield 4 Server Issues Addressed


When asked about the issues Battlefield 4 has been facing, EA Executive Vice President Patrick Soderland replied EA was taking “multiples steps” to ensure they never repeat the same mistake again, and that they were “convinced Battlefield 4 was ready” when they launched.

Since its debut in October, Battlefield 4 has been crippled by connectivity issues, crashes, bugs, and glitches. Things are actually so bad that an investigation and lawsuit are in progress on grounds they didn’t deliver on promises made to investors.

“The challenge that we’ve faced with Battlefield 4 were different from anything that we’ve seen before with other games. There were different issues that only manifest its scale in the post-launch live environment. We’re taking multiple steps to evaluate what occurred and incorporate those learnings into our development process for future products, so we don’t experience the same problems again.”

Troopers to the end, DICE remains committed to sending out patches and updates to make the best of a bad situation and attempt to save face to their fans. In regard to this, DICE recently announced Battlefield 4 Player Appreciation Month which offers free Battlepacks to players every day in February.

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