Be Mine 6 Has Gorky 17, Two Worlds, Worms And More

Be Mine 6

It’s probably hard right now for indie bundles to get recognition, since the Humble Bundle has several AAA titles. Still, it’s business as usual for smaller games trying to get attention and with Be Mine 6 there are a few special deals available once more.

The deal comes with 2 tiers. For just one buck, customers can receive 3 core titles, along with some music for their trouble. We’ll list the three games below:

  • Ceville
  • Paranormal
  • Eschalon: Book 1

The most interesting one, in theory, is Paranormal. This game features randomized haunting mechanisms in a horror game where players record supernatural activity with a camera. The point and click adventure Ceville revolves on an evil tyrant of minimal size that gets accompanied by a girl and a heroic paladin, for comedic purpose. Eschalon features traditional isometric roleplaying, such as Geneforge or Avernum that have been in other similar bundles.

We highly advise giving a minimum of $5, since that’s when the getting really gets good. Doing so, you’ll receive an additional 5 titles, with some notable features in there. We’ll list these games below:

  • Dawn of Fantasy
  • Worms Reloaded
  • Two Worlds: Epic Edition
  • Gorky 17
  • Earth 2160

While you might’ve already heard of the expansive RPG Two Worlds, what really catches  our eye in this set is Gorky 17. Fans of the classic Fallout series will enjoy this mixture of apocalyptic RPG settings with turn-based combat zones. Also interesting: Dawn of Fantasy just got Steam Greenlight approval, so this might be a way to jump in on this game a bit cheaper, since you’ll receive a redeem key as the title hits Valve’s digital distribution platform. You can find even more strategy and futuristic dystopias in Earth 2160.

Purchasing a bundle helps to unlock certain bonuses, such as more soundtracks. More importantly, there’s a game bonus lined up, at the time of writing. You’ll be able to receive Enclave. You can purchase Be Mine 6 here.

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