Be Mine 8 Has 7 Games Of Surprising Quality For $5

Be Mine 8 Bundle

A while ago, website Groupees spread a mail to look out for their next big deal with the Be Mine 8 Bundle. They weren’t kidding, as their multi-layered promotion offers 7 titles in total, with several of those being of relatively high production value for this sort of thing. Starting at just a buck, you can already get 4 games, which we’ll list below:

  • Patrician IV
  • Slam Bolt Scrappers
  • Fairy Bloom Freesia
  • Paranautical Activity

This is already quite the deal, especially since it contains the recently released PC port of Slam Bolt Scrappers. With its fast-paced Tetris meets Smash Bros gameplay, this weird tower defense game is certainly worth a look. Simulation series Patrician always offers some deep trading systems, as well as naval activities and so on, set in the Middle Ages. A bonus has already been unlocked to provide this title with downloadable content at no extra cost. Voxel fans can get some with Paranautical Activity, a dark first person shooter with strange, blocky creatures and a myriad of light effects to offset its somber atmosphere. Finally, we discussed Fairy Bloom Freesia before. It’s a simple side-scrolling fighting game with a lot of flash.

Going to the $5 or over category will yield 3 more games, with perhaps a few more to go later. Once more, there are some pretty big, yet underdog titles in this pack. We’ll list these lower as well:

  • Blood Bowl – Legendary Edition
  • Constant C
  • Drakensang

There’s a strange mix of blood sport and strategy in Blood Bowl, as it isn’t a rugby game as you’d think it would be. Instead, it’s a turn-based combat game disguised in the sports title. It wouldn’t be a bundle without a platform title in the bunch, so Constant C takes care of that. It also flips the perspective, sort of like The Adventures of Shuggy. Finally, Drakensang is a classic roleplaying franchise with an extensive lore and hours of entertaining gameplay.

You can find the Be Mine 8 Bundle here.

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