Be Mine Bundle 4 Has Some Terrible Games For Pennies

Guns of Icarus

Groupees is staying dedicated to the indie bundle idea. After a Build a Bundle campaign and several other actions, it’s time for the fourth Be Mine Bundle, which mixes games with music albums.

The titles up for grabs this time are Zero Gear, Revelations 2012, Guns of Icarus, Laxius Force, Metal Drift and more served as a bonus. Zero Gear is a multiplayer kart combat game with several game modes and crazy physics. Aside from racing against your peers you can also enjoy things like karting football. Metal Drift is another sort of vehicle sport. It’s actually more of a shooter, but with futuristic tanks slaying each other in a cyber-arena.

This would also be the opportune moment to pick up Revelations 2012 for charity and see what the fuss is about. Luck hasn’t looked kindly upon this shooter, as it’s currently pegged for the worst game of 2012, with scores floating around 1 out of 10 going around as its standard. Is it really that bad? Getting the bundle would relieve you of your curiosity. Laxius Force is one of those traditional looking RPGs with turn-based combat and blue text boxes. It is said to bridge gaps between old Final Fantasy,  Baldur’s Gate and Dragon Quest game, but we’d take that with a grain of salt.

Finally, the core bundle set at a minimum of merely a buck will also give you access to Guns of Icarus. It mixes steampunk with airships and piracy. Donations starting at $5 will also get you Guns of Icarus Online Beta access, along with the other incentives. Further bonuses include a stack of music albums as well as new games that will be announced the second week of the promotion.

Donations will help a charity simple called “charity:water.” As the name suggests, it helps get the basic human need for water to unprivileged people. You can get yourself a bundle here.

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