Be Thankful For This Ton Of Steamy Sales This Year

Steam Thanksgiving

Today is Thanksgiving or just turkey day, whichever suits your region and habits best. In any case, we can be thankful for one thing and that’s all the holiday themed sales that accompany this date.

Steam launched its wallet-crippling sales that drain PC gamers each year. The first day of offers is already memorable, as we couldn’t rightfully single out one deal not worth grabbing. So instead, we’ll put the main offers below and you can sort out which you don’t own yet:

XCOM: Enemy Unknown – 33%

Magic: Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 – 50%

The Walking Dead – 50%

Darksiders II – 66%

Age of Empires III Complete – -75%

Terraria – 66%

Don’t forget that there are also flash sales that last just a few hours and are interesting to keep an eye on from time. Additionally, a ton of indie games received a discount as well, so we’ll pick a few from those to purchase, since they’re usually very cheap. The action RPG Krater with a 66% discount would fit perfectly in your cart, if you’ve handled Diablo III and Torchlight II already and are looking for more decent loot gaming. Going even further, the brawler Zeno Clash takes 90% off its price and is cheaper than a drink at the local watering hole for a game with hours of entertainment value.

Then there’s a list of very recent releases with a decent discount that you should get. In particular, now would be the time to buy the outrageously fun Primal Carnage, while the multiplayer game is still in full swing. You can add Cargo Commander and Fairy Bloom Freesia to that notion as well, to round out the barrage of names. However, while it’s not technically a game, we advise picking up Indie Game: The Movie right now, since it’s quite literally a steal for a film you should see anyway. You can find the full sale here.


That other digital distributor, Gamersgate, is having a sale as well. You should buy something from them too from time, especially if you’re not too crazy about DRM tactics. We’ll list some of the better deals here as well and we’ll keep your wallet in mind.

Those that haven’t yet experienced Max Payne 3 can buy it here for a 75% discount, which is also true for Driver: San Francisco and its revitalization of the driver game.  For 70% off, you can get tons of strategic content with Heroes of Might & Magic V or its enhanced edition. The darkest shooter this year, Spec Ops: The Line, is worth a try with its 66% price cut. Finally, Civilization V fans that haven’t dug into its expansion Gods & Kings would do well to buy it here, as the 66% tag is cheaper than Steam. Don’t worry if you own a Steam copy of the original, since all versions require Steamworks activation regardless of the chosen platform. You can find Gamersgate’s sale here.

IndieGala Sim

Finally, if you have some spare cash left after your holiday shopping or you’re just looking for a deal, IndieGala has a simulation sale going on, as well as an option to purchase rare boxed versions of some indie titles. The pay-what-you-want bundle offers 3 core games: Bus Driver, Deer Drive and Police Simulator. Paying above the average also yields the following games: Police Simulator 2, Traffic Manager, Euro Truck Simulator and Bridge Constructor.

You may remember seeing some of these titles from a list of endless possibilities in the simulator world, such as Farming Simulator or Street Cleaning Simulator. If that’s not your thing, then perhaps take a look at one of these 5 boxed editions available: Frozen Synapse, Gemini Rue, Terraria, The Binding of Isaac and Limbo. There are discounts for buying multiple boxes and the shipping costs are fair. You can find both sales from indieGala here.

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