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Become a Game Blogger

Have you always dreamed about being a video game journalist?  Have you longed for the day where you wrote about gaming and there were actually crowds of people just clamoring to hear your opinion?

With a little work, that fantasy can become a reality.  We’re looking for writers, and you may be just the one we’re looking for.

But it’s not going to be easy.

We’re not saying that to scare you away, we’re saying it to make sure we don’t waste our time with someone who is going to half-ass their shot at primetime.  We’re looking for dedicated, passionate gamers.  We want to fill our staff with gamers who also know how to write rather than journalists who are assigned to write about games.

If you’re a gamer and that interests you then there’s something you should know about Video Game Journalism.  It’s not as easy as it looks.  We’re not looking for people that are just going to post once a month when they have an axe to grind.  We want active, dedicated writers who are going to be on top of all the latest gaming news and share it with our readers.  All writers (except reviewers) are required to submit AT LEAST an average of three articles per week to stay on the staff).

This is not a paid gig (though it can turn into one if you’re a dedicated and quality writer).  It is, however, a great way to get an audience that reads what you write, and if you become one of our most active and successful writers you’ll be privy to perks like review copies of games and press passes to gaming events.

If this all sounds interesting to you send us a message via email to and the following info:

  • Name
  • Age (MUST BE 18 TO APPLY)
  • Location (country, city)
  • The position you are applying for
  • A Few Sentences Describing Yourself
  • A Sample Article About Anything Involving Video Games (make these GOOD, these will determine if we follow-up on your application or not!)

We’re currently looking to fill the following positions

Daily News Writer

Do you enjoy relaying the latest news to everyone who will listen? Consider yourself platform agnostic?

This may be the place for you!

As a Daily News Writer you will be responsible for the latest news across all platforms! You will be on the cutting edge of gaming information! When does a game come out? What is the latest announcement? Which two game characters are having a little gaming baby? Not only will you know about it ahead of time, you will have the chance to send it out to the masses in style!

Xbox 360 Specialist

Like the Daily News Writer, but focusing on things relating to the Xbox 360.

Play Station 3 Specialist

Like the Daily News Writer, but focusing on things relating to the Play Station 3.

Wii U Specialist

Like the Daily News Writer, but focusing on things relating to the Wii U.

3DS Specialist

Like the Daily News Writer, but focusing on things relating to the Nintendo 3DS.

PS Vita Specialist

Like the Daily News Writer, but focusing on things relating to the PS Vita.

Next Gen Specialist

Are you excited about the next generation of consoles? Does the Xbox One make you happy in a way you are scared to tell your significant other about? Do you get all teary eyed over the PS4? This may just be the spot for you!


Do people get annoyed with you for being a grammar nazi on internet forums?  This might be the spot for you then.  We need someone to proofread articles and provide the writers with feedback for improving the grammar and style of the article.

Game Specialists

Do you play a ton of Call of Duty?  Halo?  Battlefield?  DotA?  Regardless of the game, if you play it almost exclusively and want to write about it then this is the spot for you.  Game Specialists are writers that are only responsible for covering one or a subset of games, but who are expected to dive much further into those games than a typical game blog would.  This goes well beyond the typical feature-list type article that you’d normally see on a game site.  We want people who are passionate about a particular game and can dive deep into its intricacies with articles you’d normally see on a fan forum for the game rather than a big game site.

Social Media Expert

Do you sit on Facebook or Twitter for hours on end? Our Social Media Expert position may be the place for you! We need no more than two social media addicts to head up our Facebook and Twitter Page.

PR Rep 

Interact  with publisher PR contacts to get our writers game review copies, press passes, interviews, etc.

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