Become The Masters Of The World

Masters Of The World

Developer Eversim announced its plan for a release of its newest PC game called Masters of the World in mid-February. This title will be the continuation of its geopolitical simulator series, after Rulers of Nations and Geopolitical Simulator 2. It will be self-published and distributed.

In this new iteration, players will be able to take on the role of a head of state, either president or king, to rule a country to the best of their ability. They’ll have at their disposal various ways of micromanagement, such as economic, military, diplomatic and other actions. The game’s database holds over 100,000 elements, plus various scenario scripts. You’ll be able to act out scenes such as the Third World War or an Israel-Iran Escalation.

New for this game are capabilities to do media presentation or push new laws. For instance, you’ll be able to tackle the topic of abortion, euthanasia and marijuana consumption. It’s so powerful that it’s being used in “serious gaming” by organizations such as NATO.

Preorders are available now at a 10% discount of its release price of $49.95. Returning customers who own the previous installations of the series will receive an additional 25% price cut.

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