Beyond: Two Souls Launches Film Trailer, Screenshots And Concept Art

Beyond Two Souls

Sony has released a new trailer for Beyond: Two Souls. This cinematic reel is to commemorate the game’s launch at the Tribeca Film Festival, which makes it the first video game to cross that barrier.

YouTube Preview Image

After an emotional introduction that involves actress Ellen Page or rather her game character in a phone call with the character Willem Dafoe portrays, we go into a flashback. What better way to figure out just how her persona was shaped? It turns out that a guardian spirit has always been around her when she was a child, which led to confusion or even fear from her peers. Some even go as far as calling her a monster, after a particularly violent spiritual outburst.

Look how happy David Cage is to be at a film festival.

To find out what exactly is wrong with her, she’s submitted to a series of medical tests. This is where she meets up with the character of Willem Dafoe, who seems to become her mentor in her road to understanding her condition. As she’s shown growing up, we get to see her defense classes and even more tests. We’d point out that the clip also contains sex and violence, but director David Cage has spoken out about his disdain for these tropes, so we won’t address it further. There are not a lot of actual, clear gameplay segments, but that’s not why people want this game. It does look like the spirit will able to show different auras around people.

We also have some screenshots and concept art, which we’ll place below. In the screenshots, we get a better look at Ellen Page’s current situation, where she’s homeless and plays guitar for money, along with a companion. Being an outcast has landed her in rough times. Naturally, these shots look crisp, as this is one of Beyond’s main selling points. Ellen Page looks Page-ier than ever. Then again, we also suggest taking a look at the art shots, since they are quite extraordinary as well and aren’t tied as much to the game engine.

Quantic Dream developer David Cage must be overjoyed that Beyond: Two souls is featured at a film festival. Even the box art for this game looks like a movie poster. It couldn’t be clearer that there is no intention to produce games, but rather movies that just so happen to come in game format. We sincerely hope it works out for the best and that this picturesque splendor comes with some content.

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