Black Ops 2: Details for Level Progression Revealed

Black Ops 2 Level Progression

Treyarch’s game director David Vonderhaar has revealed details that give Call of Duty fans clarity on the leveling up process of Black Ops 2.  Since the studio is on its’ last leg of finishing up multiplayer’s unlock and level progression, they wanted to let us in on what they have been up to.

Vonderhaar stated that there will be a total of 55 levels per to unlock.  The total amount of XP is going to be very similar to the amount needed to prestige in Modern Warfare 1 and World at War.  He said that it will be much easier to level up because of all of the new Challenges and Medals that will give you a lot of XP.  You will also be getting bonus XP every time you level up your guns.

Just as it was in the first Black Ops, you will unlock the “Create a Class” system at level 4.  Since there is one token per level, you will be able to use a total of four tokens by the time you get to level four.  Once you get Create a Class unlocked, you will be given a dozen free things that you can now equip.  These items include:

  • 1 Sniper Rifle
  • 1 Shotgun
  • 1 Light Machine Gun
  • 1 Submachine Gun
  • 1 Assault Rifle
  • 1 Lethal Grenade
  • 1 Tactical Grenade/Equipment
  • 1 Perk from each of the 3 different perk categories.

Players will also have another dozen items (one item from each category) that they can choose between and unlock by using the 4 tokens that they acquired up to this point.  One wild card will be including in this as well.  A perk will be unlocked at level 5, equipment at level 6 and Scorestreaks at level 7.  After getting to level 7, you will notice that three of the streaks will be available for free while three others are optional unlocks.  Moving forward to level 8 will give you another perk while level 9’s reward is a new Scorestreak.

Once level 10 is reached, players will settle into a pattern.  The pattern of gaining these things by leveling up will be repeating all the way to level 55.  Obviously the pattern can’t be repeated perfectly, so there will be some minor variations along the way.

I don’t know about you guys, but I like what I’m seeing!  I’m exciting to get my hands on a copy of Black Ops 2 and test out the leveling up system myself.  What do all of you think?


  1. Travis September 6, 2012

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    Way too damn complicated.

    • Derek September 6, 2012

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      I agree, I LOVED MW3′s leveling system, not sure if this one’ll be as easy to understand or as enjoyable. oh well, so it is, ill play it anyway

  2. Etienne September 6, 2012

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    I’ve never played Black Ops 2, so all this looks hard to understand. Hopefully better when I will get my Ps3 copy of the game.

  3. Zac September 6, 2012

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    of course you never played BO2 cause it isnt even out. and PS3 eh? have fun

  4. OhEmGeeI1337 September 6, 2012

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    Seems good, let’s just hope that they have the levels sorted for the powerful guns… Hope it doesn’t give you really strong guns first like Black Ops One.

  5. MyWhiteFriendss September 6, 2012

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    Sounds fun lolz, cant wait!! I have liked everything i have heard/seen so far!!

  6. joocey September 6, 2012

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    • Sylexiel September 7, 2012

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      Well, since you’re saying it’s sounds like the same level system in Black Ops, there’s 15 prestiges.

  7. Nics_09 September 18, 2012

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    Sounds pretty complicated, but I’m sure once we see how it works first hand, I’m sure we’ll get the hang of it… Get this shit out in stores already.. lol.

  8. CodzBeast September 30, 2012

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    I think it would be better if the lvl came up to 60 cuz i mean it makes more harder i guezz and plus Mw2 is on lv 70 mw3 lv 80 black ops lvl 50 and i think black ops 2 lv 60 or 50

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