Bloody Mario Crash In 3D Color On Euro Nintendo eShop

Nintendo eShop Euro May 2013

Nintendo has blessed consumers able to access its eShop with a ton more titles this week. Again, the European digital store will focus primarily on 3DS titles, though all platforms are included once more this time.

Bloody Vampire

Bloody Vampire

In particular, the Nintendo 3DS will focus on a lot of smaller titles this week. Most prominently, previously announced Ghostlight import, Crash City Mayhem, will become available for €19.99. As previously reported, this racing game allows players to take part in high speed chases, drive across rooftops and unlock a ton of additional trinkets. Another larger title is Nintendo’s own Mario and Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move, which will cost €9.99. This puzzle game features 3D renditions wind-up toy Mario’s in a series of mini-games. Through a Create & Share feature, players will also be able to trade content with one another.

Smaller titles include Bloody Vampire, an adventure in anime style that searches the mysteries behind a dark castle said to be the home of a vampire. This 2D platform title costs €4.99 and features shape-shifting girls with special powers. For a more relaxed time, publisher Natsume offers Reel Fishing 3D Paradise Mini for just €3.99. It’s exactly what it sounds like: Fishing in 20 different missions. Finally, the 3DS also adds another NES classic with Wrecking Crew, where Mario and Luigi destroy stages, one obstacle at a time. More so, a level editor is present to make your own stages. This game costs €3.99.

This week’s DSiWare once again hails from publisher Circle Entertainment, who was also responsible for Witch & Hero, as well as Publisher Dream in the past few weeks. In their latest game called Color Commando, players collect coins and try to clear a level without being hit by colorful monsters. To dodge these creatures, they can release paint of a similar color, which blends the monsters in the scenery and makes them harmless. You can download this game for €1.99.

Color Commando DSiware

Nintendo Wii U owners will have to do with some classic NES releases as well. For instance, puzzle game Solomon’s Key is added to the library for €4.99. Each room in this game presents a different mix of combinations and avoiding enemies to reach the end. Others may remember shooter Xevious, which comes to the console for €4.99 as well.

Finally, wouldn’t you know it; the Wii receives another Neo Geo game called World Heroes 2 Jet. Find more ways to punch people with fists, swords and sticks for 900 Wii points.

As always, feel free to drop a comment if you’re interested in picking up one of these games.

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