Bonus Stuff But No Online Mode In Slam Bolt Scrappers PC Port

Slam Bolt Scrappers

As a follow-up to our news about the Slam Bolt Scrappers (SBS) port to Steam that we discussed yesterday, we reached out to independent developer Fire Hose Games. In our brief back and forth, Sean Baptiste of Fire Hose Games told us about a few things.

Most importantly, the game coming to Valve’s online distribution network next month will not feature online multiplayer. Instead, players are encouraged to sit on a couch and battle locally. It hereby follows the tradition set forth when this game first released on Playstation 3. Then as well the developer was adamant to promote the close multiplayer sessions. Sean mentioned: “We will not be supporting online play for Slam Bolt Scrappers. The game is just a much better experience with local multiplayer so we put our efforts to supporting Big Picture [mode].” He later on continued to say: “Is that the best option for every game? Likely not. But for SBS the experience is designed from the top down to be enjoyed locally.

Moreover, we asked if the port would add a few things or updates, to which Sean responded positively: “There will be some extra bonus stuff in the game for PC. We definitely have some new unlockables in there.” Slam Bolt Scrappers has hats, Steam has hats. Are you thinking what we’re thinking? Hats; we were thinking of hats.

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