Bosses of Zombie Rock Trailer From Lollipop Chainsaw

Warner Bros recently detailed who would voice the different characters in Lollipop Chainsaw. Now, they’re back to their grindhouse style of trailers to show just who they’ll be playing in the game. The Bosses of Zombie Rock clip shows what the crazy minds of Suda 51 and James Gunn could come up with.

 YouTube Preview Image

Jimmy Urine will screech the voice of Zed, the punkrocking zombie. This boss is so vocal; he’ll even attack with naughty words, because a Mohawk isn’t enough to fit a stereotype. Next, we have a mix of black metal corpse paint and Viking attire. Vikke, the lord of Viking Metal will be the truest of all zombie bosses for his metal is strong. Differently powerful, Josey is the master of undead funk and promises to ‘funk yo brainz out,’ baby. The colorful cat will also attack with a range of 8bit bombs for randomness’ sake. Lastly, Mariska is the psychedelic queen of filthy hippies. Juliet shares her stinking thoughts on these long-haired garbage people, which makes us fall in love even more.

 Lollipop Chainsaw Jimmy Urine

Of course, the gritty trailer also mentions a few mystery guests for the full game, but the boss fights look pretty large in scale already. As long as we get to chainsaw some of these miscreants in half, it’s all good, baby!

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