Build A Bundle 6 Lets You Pick From 9 Games

Build a Bundle 6

We’re already up to Build a Bundle 6 in the latest deal from Groupees. In this promotion, gamers get to make up their own bundle of games, made of 9 titles in total. Building a bundle starts at $1.5 for 2 games, while getting the whole lot has a minimum of $5.25. We’ll list all possible choices below:

  • Spectraball
  • Smash Cat
  • Chernobyl Commando
  • Space Ark
  • Aeon Command
  • Numen: Contest of Heroes
  • Freedom Fall
  • Off-Road Drive
  • Dynamite Jack

Puzzle fans will want to pick Spectraball, where you control a sphere that needs to get through elaborate levels. For some reason, Smash Cat involves a kitty driving a tank, shooting other tank critters. If you’re looking for a new shooter to play, then Chernobyl Commando is your go-to. More colorful creatures can be found in the spherical Arkanoid arcade title Space Ark. For space strategy, Aeon Command is your thing. Roleplaying can be done with the action RPG Numen, which is set in Greek mythology times. Freedom Fall makes a platform game out of mostly falling down and puts this in a cute hand drawn design. You’ve guessed it; Off-Road drive lets you drive, off the road. Finally, Dynamite Jack lets you explore colorful mazes and blow stuff up.

There will be some incentives such as music albums and a free game or two as more bundles are bought. Feel free to tick the charity box before purchase to contribute 20% of your price to a charitable organization.

You can find Build a Bundle 6 here.

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