Bullet Run – MMO Makes Its Midnight Run

Bullet Run Review Gamesta

Sad news has come our way as Sony Online Entertainment has decided to put to rest online multiplayer shooter Bullet Run. A short message sent out to players mentions the game’s discontinued state as of February 1, which is also the date where billing has stopped. Members with certain outstanding credit will be refunded.

Only available since June of last year, this 3D rendition of classics like Smash TV let players kill in style for glory points. It has however failed to wow critics due to some harsh free-to-play tropes that favored paying players. It’s currently standing at a 53 Metacritic rate. Our own review doesn’t surpass the bar of 6.0/10, despite the game’s decent attempts to create entertaining level designs and mini-game features. You can read our full review here.

As of now, Bullet Run is still open to players with an account in good standing. It will make its final goodbyes on March 8, 2013.

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