Bundle Stars Gets 3 More Steam Games For Just $1

Bundle Stars Wheels of SteelIt seems Bundle Stars can’t stop handing out cheap deals and has put up a Wheels of Steel bundle that gives us 3 more Steam titles for just $1. We’ll list those below:

  • Wasteland Angel
  • Crash Time II
  • Tank Universal

As expected from the title, each game will involve vehicles of some sort and driving in some aspect. In Wasteland Angel, you and your car are the only thing protecting a post-apocalyptic world from nasty bandits. In a top down view, you shoot what you can. If you really need convincing that you should pick up 3 games for just a buck, then Crash Time is that reason. This is an older iteration in the running series, but it still boasts an open world, many cars and destructible environments and all. Finally, fans of Tron can blast in first person with Tank Universal. It’s filled with neon, for your pleasure.

You can buy the Bundle Stars Wheels of Steel set here.

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