Bundle Stars Gets 4 Steam Games For A Buck

Bundle Stars 4 Steam Games For A Buck

While Bundle Stars already has a pretty big bundle up with a ton of games for a low price, it just started another that is even more frugal than its last endeavor. In its Stellar Bundle: Zombies vs Aliens, you can get 4 Steam keys for less than 1 Euro; that’s downright insane. We should really stop constantly posting these deals for you, as we think we might spoil you. Just this one time though, we’ll post the 4 available titles below:

  • Zombie Shooter
  • Zombie Shooter 2
  • Alien Shooter Revisited
  • Alien Hallway

These action titles are the perfect complement for those currently offered by Indie Royale and their bundle. Most of the games are traditional action RPGs, with isometric views, pixel visuals and tons of enemies to shoot from all sides. Only Alien Hallway is a little different in scope, but not too much. Did we mention it costs less than a drink down at the local watering hole? That’s not a bad deal for 4 Steam games, we think.

You can find the Stellar Bundle here.

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