Bundles Are Adding Launch Titles For Just $5 Now

Guncraft Groupees bundle

You know that yours truly is always on the prowl for cougar pussy great deals and we’ve even discussed the Be Mine 8 Bundle before. Still, in this rare case, we’d like to state once more that you should pick up the bundle, as it has added new games to its roster.

Most importantly, the package now includes Guncraft, which isn’t even out right now. That’s right; you’ll get a brand new game in an indie bundle. That hasn’t happened since Botanicula pretty much caused a fit by being attached to a Humble Bundle at launch. As you’d think from the name, Guncraft is a multiplayer oriented game that combines gunplay and Minecraft building element in a series of game modes and maps. If that’s not to your liking, it’s even possible to import your own Minecraft maps with the Substrate XNA engine. Have you ever wondered if your replica of Westeros would fend off an angry army? This is your chance. Guncraft is available from the $5 tier that unlocks all games.

Blades of Time

Also present in that tier, Blades of Time offers another must have to the roster. Even if it’s not that great overall, this ambitious title mixes time manipulation in its universe in quite a unique way. That’s why it’s our winner for most overlooked game of 2012. We’d like to say that the madness stops here, but there’s even more, as $1 now also yields the illustrious remake of Karateka, which launched late last year. It’s from the maker of the original Prince of Persia and features music from Grammy award winner, Christopher Tin.

Again: Get the Be Mine 8 Bundle here.

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