Bungie Officially Phased Out of Halo

Although we’ve known for a while that 343 Industries was taking the reigns of the Halo franchise for Microsoft (and developing Halo 4), up until now Bungie had still been a part of the franchise through their support of Halo Reach.  The Bungie Halo era is now officially over, as Bungie has passed the maintenance of Halo Reach on to 343 Industries.  All future updates, fixes, and stats will be managed by 343 Industries (though Bungie will leave the stats they’ve already collected running on Bungie.net).

As a going away present, Bungie has put together a huge infographic full of all kinds of Halo related stats.  The infographic reveals that Halo 3 has had the most matchmaking games played online of any Halo game.  For more cool Halo related stats, check out the full infographic below, and say your final farewells to Bungie, for now.

Do you guys think 343 Industries can keep the Halo franchise going strong?

Halo Stats Infographic




  1. Wisdom Cube April 2, 2012

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    Bungie it was good time we had during the time of Halo 2 <3 so many fun hours with your game <3 it is sad that you must depart from the world of halo. I'm sure whatever game your studio will come up with next will be as good as that one!

  2. Josh Preskey April 6, 2012

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    Bungie it was great having you make us such amazing games it’s sad to hear you are leaving halo, im sure 343 will carry on such an epic sequel you started, whatever you do in the future i wish all members of bungie the greatest of luck, thankyou for such epic games, hours on endless fun i will miss you bungie but thankyou for everything thankyou for halo.

    • DELANSKI April 6, 2012

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      You’re joking right…when one major studio stops making a game and another picks it up, its not so epic…the next halo game will be shit compared to the last ones. Just keep ur eyes peeled for the next Bungie.net game…thats where the people will flock too…halo is on its way out..sry bungie, sad to see you go…good riddance

  3. whatsup April 18, 2012

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    I used to have the xbox original and it makes me almost want to cry playing halo 1 and 2 on it but halo 3 ODST halo reach and halo 3 dont mean anything to me -probably because those are the halo games i have and i have played for a long time- but halo 1 and 2 back in the day were the only type of video games i had and i really loved just playing the campaign on those games bungie started me out with video games in general and thats why i love halo 1 and 2 because its just basically watching games advance and upgrade from there on

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