Call of Duty Coming to PS Vita

Call of Duty Vita

Call of Duty is officially coming to the PS Vita, and it’s a BIG DEAL.

In a recent (really long) video with Gametrailers, Sony’s Senior VP of Brand Marketing, Guy Longworth, announced the upcoming game.  Longworth mentioned that he thought the game would be a real game-changer for the Vita and for Call of Duty, but wouldn’t expand on any specifics as to what exactly the game would be.

He did mention that the PS Vita version of Call of Duty would be releasing this fall so we’re guessing it is simply going to be a Vita version of Black Ops 2, though it remains possible that it will be a spin-off like the Vita has done with some other franchises such as Uncharted.  Either way, it’s good that Sony wised up and put dual analogs on the PS Vita so that a tight FPS game like this can actually work on the handheld.

In addition to likely making Activision another large bucket of money, this announcement is really big news for the Vita.  The Vita is struggling in Japan but the attachment of a big budget mainstream FPS franchise should give it a huge kickstart in the US/Europe and will likely play a large role in the handheld’s future success.

So, is this enough to make you buy a Vita?


  1. Lucifer February 20, 2012

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  2. Umar February 20, 2012

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    call of duty which one?

  3. Dom February 20, 2012

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    Its possible with the dual thumbsticks but I’m wondering how the lethal/stuns/ADS/shooting button will work out :P

    • Cod man April 15, 2012

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      Simpel, you have one R1 and L1 and two touchpads so I tip on that you aim at L1, fire at R1 and use lethal and grenades on the touchpads

  4. trundley February 20, 2012

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    Wow really? the only comment is a 12 year old trying to be big and touch behind his keyboard?

    Meh, regardless, i assumed this was going to happen otherwise they wouldn’t have put dual sticks on the Vita. Hopefully the game will come off well with some kind of quality to it but it wont be the selling point for the Vita, i mean, why? I payed £40 for COD MW3 on PC and why would i pay more to get it on Vita? I wouldn’t.

    I play both BF3 and MW3 in case anyone was trying to nail me with a COD fan-boy comment.

  5. Chiaak February 20, 2012

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    Omg,Lucifer is such a dick.
    BF3 is better just in few thinks,but it is less fun.

  6. Devin February 20, 2012

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    I will be interested to see how they work out all the buttons but this does make me consider buying one of these, although I will probably wait and see if they release it as a package deal with a special case skin or somthing.

  7. jared March 2, 2012

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    okay this is defenitley fake they havent announced anything about this the picture on there is fake and there hasnt been enough time to make a decent game dont beleive this shit!

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