Capcom’s Sorry Dark Arisen Is A Full Game, But Dragon Dogma Owners Will Get Stuff


Polarizing RPG project Dragon’s Dogma will launch its pseudo-sequel Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen in April. North American audiences can expect this expansion to arrive on April 23, 2013, while Europeans will receive it 3 days later on April 26, quite like Resident Evil: Revelations is spreading its console release.

Within the new content coming to Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 lies a whole new underground chapter, where the Arisen and their Pawn party will meet over 25 new enemies. Skills will receive a third tier, as well as the addition of 100 new pieces of equipment and enhanced character customization with 14 new enhancements for both player and Pawn. Moreover, an “item appraisal” element will get shoved inside the game and you’ll be able to choose Japanese voice overs. We do hope they don’t repeat the same phrase six million times, like in the original. Perhaps most importantly, Capcom has listened to feedback and will implement a better menu interface and easier travel in Dark Arisen. People who own the original Dragon’s Dogma will see this retrofitted into their game. They’ll also have the ability to use their saved character in the new game.

So, why is it a pseudo-sequel? Well, Capcom made it clear that the original content will also be available in Dark Arisen, making it more of a re-release. However, Siliconera picked up that this was a second choice, as Capcom wanted to release this expansion as a DLC attachment at a lower price point themselves. Christian Svensson of Capcom mentioned that this solution was finally not possible, because the code for the game didn’t allow any attachments. Instead, original owners that do buy this inflated product will be compensated with 100K Rift Crystals, which will have more uses in the sequel; a Gransys armor pack with 6 new costumes and unlimited Ferrystones used for travel. In particular that last part should help, as getting around in the original was a huge pain. We have a new trailer to commemorate the occasion.

YouTube Preview Image

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen will drop on Playstation 3 both physically and digitally on the same day, while the digital version for Xbox 360 will arrive on Games on Demand on a later date. It will cost $39.99 or €29.99. Consider it a huge Game of the Year Edition.

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