Carrier Command: Gaea Mission Contribution Beta Starting Soon

Carrier Command: Gaea Mission is a real-time strategy game with an open setting. The PC game by Bohemia Interactive lets players control a battlefield and explore islands, while also micromanaging resources, defenses and units. It also gives the ability to drop down into the action by controlling any unit in first person or third person. Now, the publisher has announced a rather strange Beta to start on April 6, 2012.

Players will be able to take part in an abridged Strategic Campaign that will focus on highlighting the gameplay, rather than merely letting it follow its storyline. It will try to encapsulate the large player freedom this game wants to represent. Marek Španěl of Bohemia Interactive stated: “When we started this project in 2008, we set out to re-imagine the original Carrier Command in a way that captures the spirit of the 8/16-bit classic, while making optimal use of all the technical and game design opportunities available today.” He also mentioned the further plans for the game will be communicated by the end of the month.

Gaea Mission

The stranger part though is that people who want to participate in the Beta will only be able to do so through the purchase of a copy of either Carrier Command: Gaea Mission P&C or its larger Supporter pack. The first will be set at a price of €19.99, while the Supporter option costs €39.99. A simple purchase will yield a copy of the full game when available, while going for the more expensive pack also adds a Steam copy and a soundtrack. However, this will allow players to participate in the development process.

Carrier Command: Gaea Mission will come exclusively to PC on September 2012.

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