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Special Forces: Team X

We received an announcement for a game called Special Forces: Team X that you’ll want to keep an eye on. It will land on Xbox 360 and PC later this year.

The pitch is fairly straight forward: In the near future, power will be distributed to those that employ special armies sneakily in the best way possible. What that gives you in game format is a third person multiplayer shooter with heavy cel-shading. Additionally, one of the selling points is that you’ll be able to customize maps in over 100 different combinations. It will also have missile dogs and chainsaws. A few trailers do not skimp on the action.

In a first gameplay trailer, we get to see some of this fast-paced gameplay, with cover mechanics and multiplier bonuses. There are also different weapons, like machine guns, shotguns and rocket launchers.

YouTube Preview Image

Another clip discusses what the media had to say about the game so far, with a few promo shots. We must say that we were quite surprised that Microprose was going to handle this game together with Atari. The former hasn’t had so much to say since we last saw its name grace Sid Meier’s games, but the latter even recently went so far as to file for a Chapter 11 bankruptcy, like THQ did. In a clever twist, Special Forces: Team X will use licensed weapons such as Kalashnikov and Colt thanks to a partnership with Cybergun, a manufacturer of Air Soft replicas.

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We, for one, are very excited about this blend of Counterstrike, Gears of War and Team Fortress.

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