Classic Arcade WWE Wrestlefest Recreated On iDevices – Coming To Consoles

THQ is continuing its use of the WWE license. This time the publisher has recreated the classic arcade game Wrestlefest for iPad and iPhone devices. The wrestling title is completely recreated for the modern touchscreens and can be operated with simulated arcade buttons.  Its adapted graphics are now more cartoon-based with added effects and brighter colors, but still retains the 2D sprite charm.

WWE Wrestlefest

Writers have come up with an entirely new storyline for the game. Just like in WWE 12, this brawler will feature the Road to WrestleMania, which tracks the progress of a player’s athlete. Many current superstars have been added to the line-up, but WWE Wrestlefest will also contain WWE legends. Stone Cold, John Cena and the late “Macho Man” Randy Savage are but some of the names in the current line-up. Superstars like CM Punk, Triple H and that pasty Irish bloke Sheamus will get added post-release in the planned downloadable content program.

WWE Wrestlefest will include a select amount of playing styles, such as Royal Rumble, Tag Team, Gauntlet and Steel Cage in all the well-known arenas of the WWE brand. Later DLC will also unlock the Survivor Series mode. A small feature reel has been sent out by THQ, which we’ll post below.

YouTube Preview Image

Newly dubbed “core games” vice president Danny Bilson stated: “The game’s arcade-style play, combined with present day WWE content and hints of nostalgia, is a perfect fit for the […] iPhone and iPad.” WWE Wrestlefest is available right now in the App store at $2.99 for iPhone and $3.99 for iPad. While it’s currently exclusive, development is said to take place for every major platform, including an Android port.  These transitions are still booked to come out this year.

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