Classic eShop Week With Retro City Rampage And Pac-Man

Retro City Rampage

There are no Wii U releases in this week’s Nintendo eShop downloads for Europe. Instead, some platforms will revisit a lost era with some new and not-so-new games.

Most prominently, the Wii will finally receive Retro City Rampage for 1000 Wii points. This pop culture reference riot game takes the concept of Grand Theft Auto, mixes it with tons of 80s trivia and shoves it into an 8bit game. Additionally, the Wii will add Reel Fishing Ocean Challenge to its virtual roster as well. As the name suggests, players go on a fishing trip with over 20 creatures to catch in over 40 missions for just 500 Wii points.

Splash or CrashHandheld owners will be able to pick up Pac-Man for €4.99. It pretty much doesn’t come any more traditional than a gaping maw eating endlessly in a labyrinth. In Splash or Crash, players try to control a falling object of differing matter as it falls down a pit. During their free fall, they need to dodge obstacles to reach the bottom.  This game costs €2.99.

Finally, this week’s DSiWare is Easter Eggstravaganza for €4.99. It features a series of mini-games, themed for the proper holiday. For instance, there are jigsaw puzzles, spot the difference games and so on.

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