Codemasters Secures Prolonged Formula One License.

Codemasters has reached a new deal to continue their Formula One gaming line. This means that they will have exclusive rights to develop and publish titles for Formula One World Championship Limited. A multi-year deal ensures Codemasters to produce several new titles on all platforms.

Bernie Ecclestone from the Formula One has good faith in the company, stating: “Codemasters has created some of the best and most successful Formula One games to date.” F1 2010 released as a top seller with an impressive 84 Metacritic score and F1 2011 became that year’s best-selling third party racing title. That might inspire some confidence.

F1 Online

In addition, Codemasters has said it will try and diversify the brand to reach as many people as possible. CEO Rod Cousens mentioned: “We want to take it to new geographies, make it available on new platforms to new audiences.” For starters, F1 is one of the first racing titles to come out for the new Playstation Vita. Furthermore, the license will also be available in a free-to-play online version this spring with F1 Online: The Game. The statement also announces ‘an additional and all-new F1 experience for a family audience’ this holiday season. That last one is probably just the main title, but who knows? Stick around for more info.

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