Creepy Trivia: Deadlight Honors Serial Killers [Update]

Deadlight serial ID

Be careful where you tread. You might enter a monster's residence.

Deadlight is releasing Wednesday, exclusively for Xbox 360. This game by Tequila Works is a zombie adventure game, where a lone man travels from side to side in true Limbo style, completely covered in black silhouettes.

I’ve had the pleasure to take a spin with the game already, but for any detailed specifics on whether or not the game is awesome, you’ll need to wait for the review embargo. However, there is a slight lore tidbit that might entice you already or horrify you, depending on what your tolerance level is.

You see, in Deadlight, the protagonist Randall periodically stumbles upon corpses with nametags or ID cards. It took a while to notice a pattern, but most of these named carcasses bear a known (or lesser known) serial killer’s name. So far, we’ve encountered the likes of John Wayne Gacy, Ted Bundy, Aileen Wuornos and more. Will you catch them all?

It’s rather chilling that the only bodies blessed with being remembered for their names, rather than their respective state of decomposition, are all credited to horrible monsters. Perhaps that’s the ironic twist the developers wanted to portray or maybe they’re just twisted, who knows? We all know in the apocalypse, the alive are just as monstrous as the dead.

Update: Tequila Works was kind enough to get back to us with a speedy answer on their motivation, stating: “(sic) ALL the IDs belong to famous serial killers. It’s a private joke about madness and how serial killers may be mostly the most prepared to survive a zombie outbreak.” They capitalized the first word to school us on our incomplete knowledge of brutal murderers. Prepared or not, all the people we found were dead, so there.

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  1. Mark April 25, 2014

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    Spoiler alert

    A Wournos would have been killed since she was from the Florida area and the southeast US was nuked in the conflict.

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