Crysis 3 Open Beta Drops Next Week

Crysis 3 Multiplayer

Crytek’s main feature Crysis 3 will receive an Open Beta on Playstation 3, Xbox 3 and PC that starts on January 29 and will last until February 12, 2013. Two gameplay modes and two maps are included in this test.

One mode is called Crash Site and features traditional control point mechanics, where players win matches by holding off certain areas. A new Hunter mode will pit just two players against 10 on consoles and faced with 14 adversaries on PC. Two hunters will come equipped with Nanosuits and a Predator bow and will need to stalk their opposing team to take them out. Each time a trooper is killed, they’ll join the hunter team. All troopers must be eliminated before the round is over.

Crysis 3 will also show off a new gameplay mechanic called Rip & Throw that allows players to take parts of their environment to make a weapon out of it. This game lands on aforementioned platforms on February 19 for North America and two days later on February 21 in Europe.


  1. Adrian “Shadow580″ Marchisio January 25, 2013

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    Hey Daav,

    How would one go about gaining access to this beta? Is it just going to be on the 360 dashboard or do I need to sign up for something?

    • Daav Valentaten
      Daav Valentaten January 26, 2013

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      My best guess is, since it’s an open Beta, it will be marketed in plain view on your respective platform of choice (note: EA = Origin, so check that for PC).

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