Daedalic Follow Alice For Their Biggest Adventure Yet

The Night of the Rabbit

German developer Daedalic Entertainment announced the creation of their new PC game titled The Night of the Rabbit. Gamers can expect the developer’s expertise in adventure games to continue for this puzzling feature when it releases on May 29, 2013.

You may remember Daedalic from their previous Deponia titles. Their new game will uphold the same visual style of cartoony characters superimposed on artfully drawn backdrops, much like classics such as Discworld. The Night of the Rabbit’s story follows a young boy called Jeremiah Hazelnut with his dream to become a magician. One summer day, a rabbit grants his wish and whisks him to a wonderland, quite like Alice. The CEO of Daedalic, Carsten Fichtelmann, mentioned that this game will be their “biggest adventure game so far.

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