Dark Souls PC: Don’t Expect Much Mouse & Keyboard Support

We have good and bad news for fans of Dark Souls. The upcoming PC version of the game, which is supposed to be running on Microsoft’s buggy and user-unfriendly Games for Windows Live, may not be running on it after all. After thousands of complaints from irritated gamers, From Software is looking at alternative platforms which would offer the same benefits, without all the downsides.

That’s the good news. Now, it’s time for the bad. While PC gamers were overjoyed when a port of the hit 360 and PS3 game was announced, they may not be after learning that it’s going to be more of a direct port than they may have imagined. From what we’ve been hearing, Dark Souls for PC will not have a new interface, and will use the same in-game menus as the clunky console version.

It will also feature limited mouse and keyboard support, forcing gamers to play through the game using a joystick or gamepad. While the developers have claimed that this is to preserve the game’s original gameplay style, many gamers believe it’s simply ‘developer laziness’ and simple neglect of the ‘less popular’ PC version of the game.

If you’re a fan of Dark Souls and you’re looking forward to the upcoming PC version, you’d better get some spare cash together for a gamepad. While From Software has insisted that the PC version will be every bit as good as its console counterparts – and perhaps even better, given the inclusion of some new content – this news make it feel like a bit of a rushed, low budget port to the PC.

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