Dead Island Riptide Collector’s Edition Has Semi-Nude Female Torso [Apology Update]

Dead Island Riptide Zombie Bait

The culprit of today's gaming outcry.

The sequel Dead Island Riptide will receive an exclusive Xbox 360 Collector’s Edition in Europe that is quite the eye catcher. The limited offer dubbed the Zombie Bait Edition is available for preorder now and prominently features a dismembered female torso. It will be available along with the game’s release on Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC on April 26, 2013.

This prime bust display will be hand painted with dimensions of 31cm height and 18.5cm width. The bust has minimal cover in form of a Union Jack bikini. Additionally, the limited edition comes with exclusive weapon pack downloads, a steelbook and exclusive artwork. Despite being up for preorder, according to Deep Silver owner Koch Media, there is no price given in the press release, though some quick searching reveals an article on that mentions a €120 price. Also, the site there points towards this model being available for all platforms, not just Xbox 360. More so, the pictures in that article show that the flag bikini was originally a Stars and Stripes model. We can only speculate whether this was altered due to being too spicy for American audiences or because of a resemblance towards Dead or Alive’s star Tina, which has a similar iconic getup.

Dead Island or Alive

The different mock-up with Jamie Pressly's role as Tina in the not-completely-terrible Dead or Alive movie.

However, what is certain is that publications are pissed. Articles such as on RockPaperShotgun have denounced the “really disgusting” edition. Words like “inexcusable” and “outrageously stupid” are posted further on in that item as well, which stands as an example for several other articles online.

How do you feel about this limited edition? Is it pure and sickening objectification or is it no different than other busts that represent the human form in a similar way? Let us know in the comments below.

Update: Publisher Deep Silver has already come out with an apology on Twitter. The message states that they are “committed to making sure this will never happen again.” It however does not state whether or not these items will still be made available for fans that would want a collector’s item.


  1. Elodie January 15, 2013

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    How can it possibly be objectification of women when they’re offering a bust with half covered tits that is somehow related to the game ?

    But seriously, we often talk about how women are being dismembered and seen as only one part of the body. We’re right in it here. They’re not even offering a half naked woman figurine, they’re offering boobs. We get it, boobs are cool, boobs sell but there’s a line not to cross somewhere.

    I think the people who came up with the idea contribute to make us see women as only ass and tits. As a woman, i would be offended to see that in a store yes. Just my humble opinion.

    And maybe it’s just me, but how is that even a good representation of the game ?

  2. Ryan January 16, 2013

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    While I have an interest in the game since despite all it’s bugs and flaws I found it to be highly enjoyable. I also have no interest in the collectors edition due to only buying digital copies and generally having no interest in the collectors material.

    The bikini itself appears to be a fairly normal bikini. Would it still be objectifying women if the body was whole?
    Would it be objectifying men if it was a male torso?
    At what stage does society, the media, the fashion industry, the music industry, etc become responsible for the objectifying of a sex?
    When do women in general become responsible for allowing women to become objects in society, the media, the fashion industry, the music industry, etc?
    What about men being objectified in those industries?

    When is it just a knee jerk reaction to something tiny compared to a fairly serious flaw in society?

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