Death Inc. Lets You Paint Death In Its Demo

Death Inc

Independent developer Ambient Studios is looking for funding for their Death Inc. project. In order to drive more attention to its Kickstarter campaign, the developer has released a short demo of its prototype build.

With just ten or so minutes of gameplay, players will mostly become accustomed to the PC game’s unique concepts. Death Inc. has a slick, shiny veneer of soft shapes and pastel colors to spread the plague all over its world. Players command the Grim Reaper as he rallies the dead to create more and more decay. Unlike other strategy titles, this isn’t done with clicking and dragging predetermined paths. Instead, players can paint dedicated paths for their units, available in different unit types. For instance, archers can be sent around an encampment in one sliding brush stroke, while fighters take a straight line to the enemy. Not included in the demo there are some expansion ideas, such as the use of souls for currency and unlocking more content, like units and abilities.

Ambient Studios is comprised of many veterans that have worked on large titles, such as LittleBigPlanet, the Fable series, SimCity, Crysis and more. Director Jonny Hopper stated: “The game has only been in development for 10 weeks, but we’re already thrilled with how it’s all coming together.” They compare it to games like Pikmin, which is sound, but it also has Syndicate qualities.

We’ve played around with the prototype and apart from slight control and clipping issues; we can see the potential of enforcing direct control to your army. Also, it’s charming as all hell. You can find the demo and information about funding on the Kickstarter page here.

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