Deep Silver MMO Dragon’s Prophet Lets You Shack Up

Dragon's Prophet housing

Free-to-play massive online RPG Dragon’s Prophet has released a video to show off its housing system. In this short run through the world, we get to see the basics of how this element of play works.

YouTube Preview Image

Players will be able to purchase a plot of land in rising lands, floating in the skies. This territory is called the Auratian Sky Archipelago and will hold both housing facilities as a cross server PvP element. To own a house, players must rent a parcel that is priced at the amount of room available, size and so on. They’ll be able to build anything from small dwellings to entire mansions and furnish these accordingly with hundreds of items. More so, it’s possible to use body parts of defeated foes to display grim trophies upon thine wall. Guilds are advised to buy land in the vicinity of each other. Communities can be set up, as players can grant access to their homes and parts of their inventory to other users. However, it’s crucial that the rent is paid on time, lest heroes be ejected from their property.

Dragon’s Prophet isn’t the only title to extensively start digging into housing systems. Another MMO called Wildstar also has interlinked housing plans for its game.

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