Devil Survivor 2 Preorders Back Up After Ghostlight Site Issues

Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor 2Publisher and localization expert Ghostlight Games has run into a snag with their planned release of Shin Megami Tensei games. They’ve previously announced the physical release of Devil Survivor 2, but have been unable to strike a deal with the current retail market. Therefore, they launched preorders through their website to collect 1800 purchases In advance, which would recoup their production costs and approve the project.

Two options are available. A first pack includes just Devil Survivor 2 on DS for a price of €29.99. This comes with a folded A4 poster as well as a golden logo on the inlay of the game. Fans will additionally receive the option to include their name in the manual.

It’s also possible to buy a Devil Survivor bundle with both Devil Survivor 2, plus Overclocked on 3DS for €59.98. It includes the same incentives as the first plan. Prices do not include shipping.

After the offer had gone live, Ghostlight encountered some issues with their site. We chatted briefly with Ross of Ghostlight Games, who told us: “The website has been having problems due to the traffic so a lot of people haven’t been able to order.” That said, given the issues, preorders so far were “better than expected.” Ross also mentioned that issues should be gone by this date precisely, so if you haven’t gotten your order in, now is the time to return and complete your transaction. Everything seems up and running on our end, though it may take a few more minutes depending on where you live.

You can preorder the Shin Megami Tensei games here.

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