Devil Survivors Coming To Europe, Thanks Ghostlight

SMT devil survivor overclockedGhostlight Games is releasing more Shin Megami Tensei titles. Devil Survivor Overclocked is the first localization effort the publisher will do for Nintendo 3DS. The game is a 3DS remake of the original Devil Survivor.  Additionally, Ghostlight will also localize Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor II for Nintendo DS.

The original Devil Survivor was nominated by Gamespot as one of 2009’s best RPGs. Overclocked will build upon the original by adding voice acting for the entirety of the game and its exclusive eighth chapter. Naturally, a graphicaul overhaul also brings the title back to the future.

Ghostlight, which previouosly announced the PSP localization of Fate/Extra, has also announced that preorders for that title can now be found on their site.

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