Diablo 3 Beta Opt-in Instructions

Don’t blow your shot at the Diablo 3 beta!

The purpose of this post is to help make sure you’re opted in to the Diablo 3 beta if it’s something you’re interested in.  You can’t be selected unless you’ve explicitly opted in!  If you haven’t, follow these instructions to do so.

Create a Beta Profile

  • Log in to your account on battle.net
  • Go to Manage Games->Beta Profile Settings
  • Download the Beta Opt-in Application
  • Open the file and agree to the opt-in agreement
  • Click “Send” to send your computer statistics to Blizzard
  • After that is complete, you will be redirected to a page where you can select which beta tests you are interested in joining.  Check the box next to Diablo 3 and click “Update Preferences
This will not guarantee you a spot in the beta, however you cannot get a spot in the beta without doing this, so make sure you’ve done it!


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  1. kadir kara March 31, 2012

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    im turkish. diablo 3 beta key please 4 years off…

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