Dollar Dash Pits Thief Vs Thief

Dollar Dash

Kalypso Media announced a new called Dollar Dash that will release later this year for Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. It’s a traditional multiplayer competition where players duke it out to snatch the most loot.

The game is presented from the top down as players control a thief out to make a quick buck. It will be possible to customize your robber to your liking by choosing and upgrading a weapon, earning perks and so on. Over 20 weapons will be available, with additional power-ups present in the game. This all will go down in 30 maps with 3 game modes.

Aside from the in and out multiplayer capabilities, Dollar Dash will also have a singleplayer component with artificial opponents. Three gameplay trailers were released to give us a thorough look at this arcade style party game.

YouTube Preview Image

We can see the thieves scurrying around to an old-timey soundtrack as they brandish a variety of quirky weaponry. For instance, one thief is dousing a foe with a fire extinguisher, while another one throws baseballs at his competition. It also takes a look at the character selection screen that displays apparel, optional perks and game modifiers.

YouTube Preview Image

In the rooftop level, players get thrown back to a starting position and must wrestle towards the other side to acquire loot. They also get kicked back if they happen to fall from the roof. The 4 players seem to be working towards a goal that is indicated with a progress bar up top. The clip also takes a much more extended look at the arsenal available in the game, as even a doppelganger can be seen at some point between all the rockets, lightning bolts and plunger attacks.

YouTube Preview Image

In the mansion gameplay footage, things get rather explosive as incoming missiles explode in huge bangs or break apart in damaging clusters. There also seem to be neutral policemen guarding the premises, though they’re not always active. This video also displays the hectic nature of the game quite well.

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