Dragon’s Prophet Shows Class Gameplay

Dragon's Prophet

Upcoming MMO Dragon’s Prophet has released a class trailer for its roleplaying game currently in Closed Beta. It’s comprised of mostly in-game visuals.

YouTube Preview Image

Players will receive a choice of 4 different classes. A Guardian is the heavy class and relies on heavy armor and swords for its skills, while the Oracle is like an Avatar and bends the elements to their will. These are close range classes, with the Oracle wielding a scythe. For long range, the Ranger can use bows, while a Sorcerer understandably will rely mostly on spells.

Additionally, players can enlist up to 6 dragons to assist them, which will decide their role in the group, from support class to damage dealers. In the clip, we get to see a variety of creatures, but also enemies like water torrents or rock beasts. That, along with a ride that looks like Falcor, makes us think they might’ve seen The Neverending Story.

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